Coaching (SF & LA)

Welcome to the Practice Date Program!

This is a specialized coaching program for shy or socially inexperienced men who want to soar in their confidence and self expression.  Or men who are confident but can't get past the first or second date (it happens to the best of us!). This is an alternative to our matchmaking program and offered in San Francisco. For our LA residents, please email us directly and let us know your needs.  

Special note: we have done customized in person weekly or monthly coaching for clients who reach out with different needs.  Don't be afraid to ask us what we can offer!  Especially if relates to online dating or more a comprehensive deep dive into social skills.

This Is An Ideal Program for Men Who Are:

Ready for support in their interpersonal skills during courting 

Longing to present themselves with confidence and clarity on a date

In their 20’s or 30’s, to match the age of our coaching assistants 

You can expect to walk away with more:

Confident body language

Improved conversation flow

Alleviated anxieties and fears

Ability to connect on a deeper level

Ability to assess whether someone is a good fit for you

Understanding what is normal and what is not on a date


The main, secret ingredient of this program is that you can actually go on a date and be assessed on the date itself.

We are not relying on what you tell us or what we guess from a consultation. Instead, we are actually putting you on a date with one of our coaching assistants and going from there.


The first step is an in-depth consultation with Yasmine, the founder and coach at Skilled Attraction.  We will discuss your improvement areas and how to make this experience the most benefecial for you.

The second step is your first practice date with one of our coaching assistants.  The practice dates are in person at a lounge or restaurant of your choice.

After this practice date, you will have a full feedback review and training session with Yasmine.

The next month you will meet with another coaching assistant who can bring something new to the table for you, and the process repeats and builds.

Our fees cover 3 full sessions with Yasmine (a consultation plus two trainings) and practice dates with our two coaching assistants.  

We welcome you to our program!