Matchmaking (SF & LA)

Ask Yourself

"What do I want in a partner?"  Funny, smart, beautiful, and what else?   What will light up your heart?  Discover the essentials so you can tell us and we can help you.

Ask Us

Send us a quick email and ask if we can take you on as a client.  We take on 50% of those who request our services.  Yasmine explores her database options and uses her intuition to see who she can help.

Are You Ready?

Yasmine will answer your questions in a free introductory call and learn more about you.  If you both agree you would be a good fit, well then congratulations!  It's time to start.

Want to discover unparalleled dedication to your love life?

You came to the right place and we're looking forward to helping you!

How we help you

To help clients find love, Skilled Attraction takes a deep, playful, and thorough inventory of both you and the ideal partner you envision.

For six months, you will have a selection of candidates that are chosen one by one with both your needs and expectations honored. Each date is planned out for you so you can focus on what really matters: your date.

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Our firm and our talent

We at Skilled Attraction are a small firm with the heart, time, and resources to actually help on a profound level. We sincerly believe matchmaking can't be mass produced. Matters of the heart can only be taken care of one on one. Anyone who tells you otherwise has their head in the clouds or their hands near your wallet.

Yasmine has been matching for over five years, and has successfully networked both online and off to build her connections so that you can meet the love of your life through her. Her database of successful and kind professionals, her connections to other matchmakers, and ability to read people are all part and parcel of why she can help you.

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How we compare to our competition

Most companies that have mass-produced matchmaking will promise you a huge database with carefully hand picked matches. But this is simply not true. Usually, clients are introduced to other clients who signed up simply so the recruiter can fulfill his or her quota.

Each recruiter is overworked, with 30-50 clients each and little time or desire to fit the individual needs of their clients. The turnover rate is high for these recruiters and most last a year or less. Is that who you want helping you?

Want to get started? We're happy to hear it!

Our upcoming steps together

Introducing yourselves

Once you reach out to Yasmine, she will invite you to have an introductory call with her.  This call is free of charge and a chance for you both to ask some questions and get to know each other.  For anyone she senses she can't help, or when her schedule is booked, she will email instead with a quick note. She takes on 40-50% of those who inquire for our services.

Discussing your ideal partner

If you are getting started with Yasmine, then it's time to do a full inventory of your ideal partner!  This is always a lot of fun.  It takes 1-1.5 hours and will include your preferences, dealbreakers, bonus points, and other imporant details so that we can help you as much as we can.
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The interviews begin

Finding your match can be instaneous or you may have to wait.  Multiple candidates are vetted, interviewed, and finally, when we feel we've found your jackpot, we'll contact you.  We have an agreed time frame between each match so you always know what to expect.

Time for your date

Your date is ready to meet you and everything is all set!  This is the climax of the process and we are always so excited to see if a match is "the one".  Get ready to meet a like-minded and heartfelt individual.  Take a deep breath and feel the sparks.
Yasmine has matched 10% of her clients in the first try (yes! read our yelp reviews!) and another 40% within five tries.  Are you ready to be one of the lucky ones?  We would love to have you and do our best!