Our Team

Yasmine Ashuraey, Matchmaker and Founder

Yasmine Ashuraey

Founder, Matchmaker & Coach

Yasmine Ashuraey is the founder and matchmaker here at Skilled Attraction. She is a Stanford University Alumnus and spent years doing nonprofit work and fundraising for various companies, programs, and even her own projects.  She will gladly accept vegan chocolates or pastries once she successfully matches you.

She transitioned to matchmaker extraordinaire over seven years ago now and her success stories are all over the Bay Area! We encourage you to read her welcome message on the home page if you'd like to understand her approach.  She hopes to meet you soon!


Iberia Zafira

Assistant Coach

Iberia Zafira is an amazing and highly valued assistant coach here at Skilled Attraction.  Coaching and supporting others are two of Iberia's passions, and she has worked with Yasmine for over three years to help clients transform.  We wouldn't expect any less from a Stanford alumnus with a big heart.  With her help, we've seen our clients soar in their interpersonal skills and move on to more self-awareness and confidence than ever before.


Allison Kasala

Assistant Coach

Allison Kasala is our other valued and long term coach here at Skilled Attraction - three years and counting!  She graduated in both Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University and went on to graduate from the Academy of Art University a few years later in Fashion Merchandising.   She has an artistic soul and a strong sense of what creates attraction.  She looks forward to helping you!

Lionel Tan

Lionel Tan


Lionel Tan is our treasured photographer extraordinaire and has been with us for over four years.  His background is in photography and literature, and his work is both soulful and beautiful.  He always finds himself "wildly interested in people".  What more could you ask for from a photographer?  He looks forward to meeting you and working together to create something magical and lasting for your love life.

Check out Lionel tan's work at http://www.lioneltan.co/